Week 17 HJ ~ Recap

This week has been a pretty good week thus far Had some ups and had some downs but the bounce back is becoming much quicker than normal! For our readings this week, we are actually supposed to go back and read previous readings in a particular order as the days progressed I found myself Insanely … More Week 17 HJ ~ Recap


Week 16 ~Kindness!

This week has been pretty awesome thus far. We have continued the trend from last week of recognizing something willingly throughout our day so that we see it more frequently. This week, the subject we are all to focus on collectively , is KINDNESS! This has been incredibly interesting so far, because when I started doing … More Week 16 ~Kindness!

Week 12 ~ I am

We had a curve ball right at the beginning of this week. During the weekly webinars we do every Sunday, there was an incredible exercise that I don’t want to disclose too much of what it is, but it had to do with taking affirmations to an extreme level The event was not extremely unexpected … More Week 12 ~ I am